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Unique & Personalized Gifts, Engraved Kamon -Japanese Family Crests for any ocassion  

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Engraving Memories Into Your Next Gift

When giving a gift, why not make it truly unique with customized engraving? Based in Southern California, Studio Engravers sells a variety of personalized gifts, awards, and plaques. These items are perfect for any occasion and a great way to celebrate the ones you love as well as the exceptional individuals you work with. For those of you who have questions, we invite you to contact us for suggestions or inquiries.

Crest Product

Among people with Japanese ancestry, there is an increasing demand for information about family lineage and cultural identity. This has led us at Studio Engravers to offer a large selection of items that features your family crest, otherwise referred to as a Kamon. Browse through our selection to find your favorite way to display your family's heritage.

Family Crest Products
Makie Kamon Seals

Makie is the ancient technique of Japanese lacquer craftworks using fine ink and metallic dust.  The process provides a beautiful high quality finished 3D effect.  Now available in sticker form, these transfer seals may be applied to cell phones, sports gear, water bottles and more flat surfaces.  A fun way to personalize your gear!

Makie Seal Products

Create personalize gifts with your group's crest or logo for your upcoming special event.  We work with specialized groups such as;  Martial Arts Studios, Religious groups, Community organizations, Educational & Cultural Arts Associations.

Organization Crests

Happy New Year 2021!

Wishing you health, prosperity and happiness in the 

new year.  Thank you to our many loyal customers who've

become great friends through the years.  We are gratified 

that our family crest products connect families back to their roots through 

Kamon ancestry.   

Sterling Silver Pendants
Tastefully Artistic Culturally Attractive

Celebrate the people in your life with personalized gifts.
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